Schwamborn Thomas

Dr. Thomas Schwamborn

Director, Member of the Executive Board
FMH Swiss Medical Association for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system

The many years of experience that I gained looking after some of the top athletes in a range of different sports has equipped me with the tools to help athletes particularly through difficult times following an injury or illness. I am a “professional for professionals”. Top athletes are always involved in a complex network between their club, association, coaches, sponsors, the press and the public. This requires perfectly coordinated medical care right through to the quickest possible reintegration into the sport at a competitive level.

Focus areas: Areas of expertise: Shoulder and knee surgery, sports medicine, sports traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, treatment strategies for the articular cartilage

Support: Clients: Switzerland’s national beach soccer team, football association for north west Switzerland (Fussballverband Nordwestschweiz), ringside doctor for K1/Muay Thai/MMA, motorsport, crossklinik Tennis Open

Farkas Gerard

Dr. Gérard Farkas

Director, Member of the Executive Board
FMH Swiss Medical Association for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system

Tendon surgery, capsular ligament reconstruction and axis correction on the knee, ankle and foot are my areas of expertise. I specialise in particular on minimally invasive foot surgery and Achilles tendon surgery. I also have considerable experience in the special surgery technique for collarbone fractures. As a sports physician, I look after the professional volleyball club Sm’Aesch-Pfeffingen, various other clubs and sporting events.

Ahmed Abdulazim

Dr. Ahmed Abdulazim

Zappe Bjoern

Dr. Björn Zappe

Member of the Executive Board
FMH Swiss Medical Association for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system

Optimisation of traditional procedures – establishment of innovations – interdisciplinary treatment in an experienced team: For me, therapy is always centred around the patient and their highly individual knee complaints. My main areas of expertise include arthroscopic meniscus and ligament surgery on the knee, cartilage repair, treatment of patellar instability and corrective osteotomies. After studying in Erlangen, I began my training as an orthopaedic specialist in Switzerland in 2002 and have been part of the team at the crossklinik Basel since 2013.

Focus areas: Areas of expertise: arthroscopic meniscus and ligament surgery on the knee, reconstructive treatment on cartilage, treatment of patella instability, corrective osteotomies, fracture treatment

Csizy Marcel

Dr. Marcel Csizy

Member of the Executive Board
FMH Swiss Medical Association for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system

Communication and individual therapy selection form the main element of my work. Constant self-reflection in the wide range of treatments defines my choice of surgical technique. My orthopaedic passions include navigated knee prosthetics and surgery of the foot and ankle, and I have patients of all ages. The focus of my decisions are patient safety and a good treatment outcome.

Focus areas: Areas of expertise: Hip and knee joint prosthetics, arthroscopic surgery on the knee and ankle joint, foot and ankle joint surgery, Achilles tendon surgery

Support: Basler Hockey Club BHC, also involved with the International crossklinik Tennis Open Basel

Type of sport: Tennis, cycling, Nordic walking, cross-country skiing

Glauser Eva

Dr. Eva Glauser

FMH Swiss Medical Association specialist in hand surgery and surgery

The hands are a complex part of the body. We use them to grasp and hold objects as well as to touch and feel things. But we also use our hands to express our feelings and they have an aesthetic function. We use our hands all the time, be it at work, in our leisure time or in everyday life. It is only when we suffer from an injury or disorder that we realise how important and valuable well-functioning fingers and hands are.

Focus areas: Inflammation of the tendon sheaths, nerve compression syndromes (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome), painful snapping of the fingers, wear and tear on the joints (e.g. rhizarthrosis), ganglion cysts, hand injuries and nerve surgery and decompression surgery on the lower limbs in patients suffering from pain following an operation, accident or with nerve entrapment, supported by the extremely experienced Prof. Dr. med. N. Lüscher (consultant).

Portrait Amir Steinitz Ls 2019 3

Dr. Amir Steinitz

FMH Swiss Medical Association specialist in orthopaedic surgery

Since the beginning of my training as an orthopaedic surgeon, the shoulder joint has been my main interest. I gained a deeper understanding and knowledge of this complex joint during my fellowship programme in Dr. Eduard Buess’ practice for orthopaedic surgery in Bern and as a senior physician at the University Hospital Basel. The aim of every treatment is the full recovery of your achingly impaired shoulder for your daily life and your sportive demands. It is my personal incentive to find an individual solution for every patient’s shoulder.

Focus areas: Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder joint in rotator cuff disorders and shoulder instability. Osteosynthetic treatment of fractures of the shoulder girdle.

Portrait Franziska Saxer Ls 2019 03

Dr. Franziska Saxer

Specialist for orthopaedic. trauma and general surgery

The aim of medical treatment is to ensure a good quality of life without relevant restrictions in everyday life or sports. For me, it is important to develop – together with you – an interdisciplinary treatment concept based on current standards, to check its effectiveness and if necessary, to tweak the concept until you are well again. Having trained in French and German-speaking Switzerland, as well as completing fellowships in Germany and France, I am able to draw on an extensive network and a wealth of experience in diagnostics, therapy, research and quality management.

Focus areas: General orthopaedics and traumatology, hip surgery, geriatric traumatology, quality and health services research, translational bone tissue engineering / bone replacement

Jakob Marcel 3

Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Jakob

Specialist for orthopaedics and traumatology

To me it is important using top medicine and the most recent technologies in your treatment, what makes it possible to offer you solutions even in the case of complex problems and complications. Especially in the field of joint-preserving therapy and the application of stem cells we have developed, in cooperation with the University of Basel, innovative internationally approved treatments, which you can profit from in the therapy of arthrosis and cartilage problems, but also in the case of healing disorder and bone substitutes.

Focus areas: Joint-preserving cartilage surgery, hip and knee joint prosthetics including complex replacement of protheses, treatment of painful hip and knee protheses and complications after prosthesis procedures, treatment of patients after an accident and recovery of impairments caused by an accident, pelvis surgery.

Goesele Andreas

Dr. Andreas Goesele

Director, Member of the Executive Board
Head of the Swiss Olympic Medical Center

Through sport and medicine, I have succeeded in combining my hobby with my profession. I love not just watching the Olympic Games, the World Cup and world championships held in some of the biggest arenas in the world on television, but actually being involved in them. Experiencing first-hand how athletes achieve peak performance or even break records, and in some cases also feeling a little proud because some of these athletes were with me in treatment just a few weeks previously.

Focus areas: Chronic compartment syndrome, sports injuries (lower extremities), damage due to overuse, performance diagnostics, cycling medicine, biomechanics

Support: Multi-time Olympic doctor for Switzerland (Sydney, Athens, Turin, Beijing, Vancouver, London), team doctor for the Cervelo Bigla Pro Cycling Team, Swiss Racing Academy, Swiss Athletics, Swiss Cycling

Type of sport: Cycling, alpine skiing

Deitmer Gregor

Dr. Gregor Deitmer

Manual medicine & sport

The orthopaedic problems experienced by many athletes are often an expression of very complex disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Often, individual symptoms can only be understood and treated successfully in the context of the whole body and movement. Getting to the bottom of my patients’ complaints and developing individual therapy and prevention concepts on this basis always represents an exciting challenge for me. Good teamwork forms the basis for success.

Focus areas: Orthopaedic sports medicine, manual medicine, performing arts medicine, overuse injuries, muscle dysfunctions and injuries, functional spinal problems

Support: Basel ballet school, individual middle distance athletes

Type of sport: Cycling, running, cross-country skiing


Michael Schmidt

Head of Physiotherapy

Setting goals together, optimising the treatment plan and techniques to suit the patient’s needs, willingness to be proactive, providing information about the course of treatment and the structures involved. For me, all of these form the basic criteria for a successful partnership between therapist and patient.

Focus areas: Sports physiotherapy, manual therapy using the Kaltenborn and McKenzie approaches, dry needling

Support: Sm’Aesch Pfeffingen volleyball (women, National League A), jb BRUNEX Felt Team

Type of sport: Western riding, swimming

Franziska Haering

Franziska Häring

Deputy Head of Physiotherapy

Our work focuses on the rehabilitation of athletes. As a physiotherapist, I am the link between the injured person, the doctors and the sports scientists, and facilitate personalised and holistic treatment.

Focus areas: Sports physiotherapy, manual therapy, manual lymph drainage, dry needling, medical flossing, taping, SpartaNova expert, Compex, extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Support: Swiss national handball men’s team

Type of sport: Tennis, snowboarding, fitness, wakeboarding

Melanie Kuehn

Melanie Kühn

As a dancer, movement teacher and Pilates coach, body consciousness and body perception have always been of great importance to me. A good body perception is the precondition for physiological and economic movement and therefore acts as prevention of dysfunctions. I am fascinated and challenged over and over again by the combination of movement experience, movement analysis and movement learning.

Focus areas: Manual therapy, Dry Needling, taping, lymph drainage, Pilates

Type of sport: Classical and contemporary dance


Fabian Gertsch

It fascinates me how every patient has their individual story. The collaboration between patients and therapists takes a crucial role in the process of rehabilitation and is very important to me. I focus on active rehabilitation linked with profound knowledge of the human anatomy and the various treatment options. It is my personal goal to make you regain your full physical potential for your sports or your daily life.

Focus areas: manual therapy, dry needling, taping, rehabilitation orthopaedics and sports

Support: football (FC Aesch 2. league regional)

Type of sport: Handball, snowboarding


Jochen Hamer

As a young adult, I took up athletic sports and martial arts. This developed my interest in physiotherapy. When treating my patients, I try to pass on my own experience of changing the body in a positive way through muscle training. I would be happy to help you define your therapy goals and work on achieving these together.

Focus areas: Manual therapy, taping, manual lymph drainage

Type of sport: : Fitness, snowboarding


Christine Nodler

Even as a child who was always on the go, I was fascinated by how people with physical problems can be supported on their road to recovery with physiotherapy. I like working in orthopaedics and traumatology. It gives me great pleasure to support my patients on their way to achieving their full performance capability in day-to-day life and sport.

Focus areas: Orthopaedic rehabilitation and traumatology, functional kinetics according to Klein-Vogelbach, sensorimotor training, lymph drainage, medical taping

Type of sport: Skiing, fitness, previously tennis and volleyball


Charlotte de Keyzer

Supporting and motivating people following an injury to help them get back to their everyday life or return to sport gives me great satisfaction. The patient and therapist need to work in close cooperation if the goal is to be achieved together. As I myself am an active person, active rehabilitation is my priority.

Focus areas: Sports physiotherapy, manual therapy, myofascial release, taping, Dry Needling

Support: Football (Swiss 2. Liga interregional FC Liestal)

Type of sport: Unihockey, football, skiing

Nelson Fernandes

Nelson Fernandes

In order to achieve a successful rehabilitation, the following main areas of therapy are central and indispensable for me: active movement, self-motivation and physical self-perception. Constructive support is characterised by good cooperation between a patient and their therapist.

Focus areas: Spiraldynamik, fitness instructor, Kinesio taping, manual lymph drainage

Support: KikoChristina dance projects (international dancers)

Type of sport: Football, South American dance

Alon Steinhorn

Alon Steinhorn

There are various reasons why I like my profession as a physiotherapist so much. I am fascinated by the human body and how techniques of therapy are continuously improved. In therapy I give my best to support my patients to recover from their injuries as fast as possible. To reach this goal I use a combination of active rehabilitation and manual techniques. It is important to me to meet my patients' personal needs and goals and to find the optimal way of treatment together.

Focus areas: Sports physiotherapy, Dry Needling, taping, manual therapy, trigger point therapy, Compex, extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

Type of sport: Basketball, athletics, volleyball, tennis

Fabian Boehme

Fabian Böhme

The broadness of this profession made it interesting to me. Whether back to sports or to everyday life, I support my patients from the beginning to the end of therapy. This does not only include the treatment of the symptoms, but together with the patient, I try to find the cause and to eliminate it.

Focus areas: Sports physiotherapy, manual therapy, osteopath in training, medical flossing

Type of sport: Volleyball, beach volleyball, snowboarding


Denise Hofmann

It makes it very special to me every day to regain the pleasure of movement together with people, to optimize their sport performance and to bring them back to their maximum performance. Furthermore, it is important to me to fully inform and motivate the patients in therapy, so that they understand what they are able to achieve for their health using their own strength.

Focus areas: Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Orthopedic Manual Therapy (specialist OMT), sports physiotherapy, Dry Needling, Pilates

Type of sport: Beach volleyball, snowboarding

Lukas Lange

Lukas Lange

During my time as a professional ski racer, I had already become aware of how important the preservation and improvement of suppleness, strength, coordination and endurance to the human body is. This is the reason why I have chosen the profession of physiotherapy. With many years of experience in this profession, I would like to support my patients at best with an optimal and individual therapy to achieve their goal.

Focus areas: Master in physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, structural osteopathy and soft chiropractic according to Dr. Ackermann, manual therapy, manual lymph drainage, Kinesio taping

Type of sport: Skiing, climbing, fitness

Julia Mueller

Julia Müller

In my view, movement is one of the basic components of a healthy life. That is why I care about people to regain their mobility quickly after a surgery or an injury and to ensure an everyday life free of pain. As a physiotherapist, I see my role not only in providing medical care, but also in supporting, motivating and coaching.

Focus areas: Orthopaedic rehabilitation, trigger point therapy, taping, radial shock wave therapy

Type of sport: Volleyball, fitness, boxing, horse riding, skiing

Katharina Schaeffler

Katharina Schäffler

I see my daily motivation and challenge in meeting the individual needs of my patients and perceiving and treating every single human being holistically. Together we work out their individual goals and strategies of treatment. I try to pass on my own enjoyment of movement to my patients, so that they remain free of complaints in the long term.

Focus areas: Kinesio taping, functional orthonomy and integration

Type of sport: Functional circuit training, jogging, ice skating, bouldering

Ziegler Kathrin

Kathrin Ziegler

Sport and movement interest me in my free time and as a sports scientist. I try to understand the needs and problems faced by athletes and help them to achieve more. Interdisciplinary cooperation and personal goals are always at the forefront and make my work varied and challenging.

Focus areas: Performance diagnostics, running analyses, bike fitting, training planning.

Support: various teams, individual athletes.

Type of sport: Athletics, mountain biking, alpine sports

Crossklinik Jennifereymann 2019 Web 01

Jennifer Eymann

As a sports scientist I set as my goal to instruct athletes to exploit their maximum performance potential and to support them in their athletic development. During this process, the trainig physiology of movement and sports is a priority to me. I gives me great pleasure to work together with different groups of patients and athletes in a setting of sports medicine.

Focus areas: Performance diagnostics, running analysis, prevention, training planning

Support: Various teams, individual athletes

Type of sport: Acrobatics, dance, climbing, skiing

Portrait Sladjana Andric 5X7 Ls 2019

Sladjana Andric

Member of the Executive Board
Head of Administration

Schudel Kurt

Kurt Schudel

Crossklinik Tennis Open, sport & business events

The best solution approaches often emerge during personal conversations. We are happy to take the time to discuss your personal concerns and develop an individual plan to enable you to achieve your goals.