Group classes

Whether you are a patient interested in exercise or an ambitious top athlete, you will find a suitable training in our constantly growing selection of group courses.


18.00 – 19.00

Core+ für Ausdauersportler*innen


12.00 – 12.50



17.30 – 18.20


The programme of classes consists various exercise programmes and is led by our physiotherapists and sports scientists. A training session lasts 50 minutes and its intensity is adapted to the individual performance level of our class participants.

** Participation in the marked courses is only possible with a medical prescription

We hope, you understand, that due to the current regulations it is manditory to wear a face mask in the classes, that we perform in close rooms.

cross+ is a high-quality and very efficient training and consists of functional exercises. It can be beneficial as a continued support after physiotherapy or as an independent training. Under constant physiotherapeutic monitoring, the participants learn to efficiently and economically perform movement patterns and implement them in their everyday life and sport activities. It is challenging for both, professional athletes and beginners interested in exercise. This training is a little more demanding than Back+ and also contains elements such as HIT or Circuit.

Training Times

  • Mondays 18.10 – 19.00
  • Tuesdays 17.30 – 18.20
  • Wednesdays 07.00 – 07.50
  • Thursdays 12.10 – 13.00


  • Being able to hold e.g. push-up positions without pain
  • Being able to complete a demanding 50-minute training with short breaks
  • Desire for physical activity

Being a complete body training, Pilates strengthens your deep and supportive muscles, contributing to a correct and healthy posture. Through regular training, you can enhance your agility and sensitise your body awareness. Pilates is conducive to core stability and to prevent injuries or degenerative processes of the body. The specific exercises and movements are conducted slowly and smoothly and are further sustained by certain breathing patterns.

Training Times

  • Tuesdays 08.30 – 09.20
  • Tuesdays 12.00 – 12.50
  • Thursdays 17.00 – 17.50


  • Being able to hold e.g. push-up positions without pain
  • Being able to stand up from the floor without help
  • Desire for physical activity


As the classes are kept small (6-10 participants) for quality reasons, registration is mandatory.

You have different options to register:

- online on the website
- per e-mail contact
- call us under 061 285 10 10
- at the crossklinik reception

Abonnement offers:

Try an initial training session free of charge. To encourage regularity in training, we offer the following subscriptions:

- Three-month subscription of 10 sessions for CHF 250
- Three-month subscription of 22 sessions for CHF 500
- Annual subscription of 50 sessions for CHF 1200
- Annual subscription of 100 sessions for CHF 2200

If you choose an annual subscription, you benefit from a 20% discount on performance diagnostic offers.

In case of longer absences due to illness or accident, we ask for your medical certificate. The subscription will then be extended for the period you have cancelled.


Some additional insurances cover part of the costs. It is best to ask your insurance company. Insurance is the responsibility of the class participant. crossklinik AG / crossphysio Gmbh is not liable for accidents or theft in the class premises / locker rooms.

Our institution is certified by QualiCert. Qualicert is the largest testing institute in Switzerland, which certifies services in the health industry. With our certification by Qualicert, we ensure you that our offers fulfil clear requirements regarding safety and quality standards - during training or in emergency situations. Being certified by QualiCert is a requirement for most health insurances if their customers want to claim a prevention contribution from their additional insurance. We can provide a corresponding form for the reclaim of a partial amount you pay for our classes or abonnements.

The best solution approaches often emerge during personal conversations. We are happy to take the time to discuss your personal concerns and develop an individual plan to enable you to achieve your goals.